"This Christmas Is For Us" Newly Re-mastered, for Modern Times!

My bandmates and I got together one wintery afternoon in Nov. of last year and recorded this Christmas tune I'd just written. It's about staying in Seattle for the holidays, with the community I love, for the first time in years (my mom lives in Cali, so to Cali I usually go!). We lit candles, ate home-made Christmas cookies, sipped our coffees, threw sounds on tape, and goofed off in all directions - it was a joyous day. 

We didn't have much time to get the recording out into the world before Christmas (and I had no time to get it mastered), so I've gone back and gotten it all fancied up in time for the 2012 holly-days. Now the sound quality will stand up to the rest of your digital catalog and you can spin this bad boy all season long. PLUS, it's only $1! 

Download "This Christmas Is For Us": This Christmas Is For Us (Re-mastered), by Shelby Earlshelbyearl.bandcamp.com

Happy tree-trimming! 

-- Earl