Gigs4Good's "Wintersong" at the Crocodile!

Get your scarves and sweaters on and oochie over to The Crocodile on Wed, Nov. 28th! I'm playing a a Gigs4Good/Team Up for Nonprofits event called "Wintersong," where a bunch of great local bands will play their favorite winter-themed jams. I'm cooking up a coupla fun co-llabs for the night and would love to see you there!

All proceeds from the event go to TUfNP/G4G so they can continue their great work (check them out if you aren't familliar!). The line-up also includes local fav's Ivan & Alyosha, Tea Cozies, Tom Eddy, Ben Fisher, Kevin Long, Naomi Wachira and Tony Kevin Jr.!

You can pick up your very own tickets here: 

-- Earl