It may seem exotic and sexy to be a Leap Year baby (I'm drawing this conclusion from people's over-the-top responses throughout the years when I've told them I was born on a February 29th), but let me tell you, it's no picnic. Most of my life I've had no actual birthDAY, no chance to be pampered and spoiled, no Facebook acknowledgement that it's MY special day and I matter most. Now here I am again, 4 long years since my last birthday and my sense of self is waning, my confidence is in the gutter, and I NEED A PARTY.  So, a party we shall have! 

IT'S MY PRE-LEAP DAY BIRTHDAY PARTY: Tuesday, Feb. 28th - 7:30 PM

The Triple Door
Shelby Earl (and band!)
Hannalee - http://hannaleesong.com/
Gabriel Mintz - http://gabrielmintz.com/ 
and more pals to be announced! 
Tickets: $12 advance, $15 DOS

Triple Door Ticketing: http://bit.ly/Afkybf

RSVP here at the Facebook Invite

-- Earl