It's Bumbershoot Week!

I have two exciting shows on the calendar this week and wanted to give you all the scoop in case you'd like to snag some tickets and get in on the action! 

*MONDAY, AUG. 29TH - City Arts Magazine presents "The Song Show (Bumbershoot Edition)" at RENDEZVOUS featuring Motopony, Ravenna Woods, and Shelby Earl! Tickets Here!

*SATURDAY, SEPT. 3RD @ 3PM - Shelby Earl (and Band!) at Bumbershoot Music Festival. EXCITING NEWS!!! From now until tickets last, you can use a special "Fans of Shelby Earl Discount Code" to purchase a one-day Bumbershoot ticket for the day I am performing (Sept. 3rd!) at the discounted rate of $29. That's $16 off the regular single-ticket price! Go to, add up to 4 tickets for Sept. 3rd, and then enter this code during checkout: 4A977

Also, as you may know, the legendary Hall & Oates are headlining Bumbershoot this year. (Aside: an old co-worker of mine called me "Hall & Oates" for years before admitting later that it was because he thought I was "a man eater." Hilarious. No idea what he was talking about. :) But I anticipation of the big H&O performance, and in honor of the festival, I teamed up with members of some of the other local bands playing Bumbershoot to make this video... enjoy!


 -- Earl