The KEXP In-studio is Online!

A couple weeks ago, my buds (Mike Notter, Anna-Lisa Notter, Faustine Hudson, Dylan Rieck, and Ben Obee) and I stopped by the FANTASTIC, one-and-only, world's BEST commercial-free radio station, KEXP 90.3, to play a few of my jams live on air. The show went smashingly, despite the 100° heat in the studio and the sweat dripping down my forehead, INTO my eyes while we played ( proof to follow).

Here's a link to the audio in case you missed it! 

Also, Mike Notter (of SHIM and Hannalee fame) came prepared for the set with THIS (slippers/Can'O'Rainier/Champagne) in hand. A perfect example of how he always lightens the mood and why we love him so dearly: 

 And henceforth came the sweet, sweet jams...