KING5's Evening Magazine Feature

Three cheers for our beloved pal John Richards (and the fine folks at King 5's Evening Magazine)!

Full Band Live on KEXP 90.3! 

We were STOKED to get to play on The Morning Show with John Richards a couple months back. John is not only one of the best DJs on the PLANET, but he's been a great supporter of my music. Here are the videos of our performance (Note: John vibin' out in the background *smile*)... 

I was also real happy to see THIS on the KEXP site this AM!

-- Earl

"Sea of Glass" is KEXP's Song of the Day!

Swift Arrows Press Round-up! 

I'm happy to report that positive reviews are streaming in for the new record. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to read reviews or care what the critics say, but it's HARD not to. Mostly, I'm just happy that people are digging this music. It means a lot to me!

Seattle Met Magazine just named Swift Arrows "Album of the Month." Click on the pic to the left to read the full review.

To check out other recent reviews/articles, visit the PRESS page. 

Also, a BIG thanks to everyone who's bought the record so far.

Here's to Swift Arrows' glorious first week in the world! 

-- Shelby

It's National Release Day for Swift Arrows!!! 

It's national release day for my sophomore solo album, Swift Arrows! JOY!!! 

You can STREAM THE WHOLE ALBUM FOR FREE (today only) and purchase a digital or physical copy at Bandcamp, CD Baby, Amazon or iTunes. If you're in Seattle you can pick up a copy at Sonic Boom, Easy Street, Everyday Music or Silver Platters

If you missed the release show last weekend, come by Sonic Boom Records, Ballard at 6pm TONIGHT to catch the encore show! 

Lastly, I really hope you enjoy the new tunes. 

-- Shelby