Making a Record with Damien Jurado!

(Pic of Damien and me on the 2nd day!)I've kept this news in my hat for a while now because Damien Jurado is blowing up (though to many of us he's always been HUGE) and I was terrified he was going to call me up and say "Bob Dylan is taking me on tour and I can't produce your record after all," but THANKS BE, the scheduling fates have aligned and we were able to start recording together this week (YAYAYAYAYAY!)! We are now just 4 1/2 days in to the process and it's already been a magical experience - for everyone involved. Damien is a wonderfully supportive, strong, and creative force in the studio, and I am growing immensely as an artist working with him. Songs are evolving, fears/insecurities are falling away, and I am becoming increasingly more and more excited about this collection of songs.

I'm so grateful.

I absolutely cannot WAIT to share the love and magic with you all! Here are a few shoddy iPhone pics from our time at Columbia City Theater this week. More pals are coming in next week to lend their respective talents to the project so stay tuned for news and updates!

(Me on my guitar/vocal recording perch!)

(The fabulous Ben Obee - aka "The Commander" - layin' down sick bass lines!)

(The brilliant and lovable Faustine Hudson tracking drums and looking *shockingly* like the Mona Lisa!)

(The fearless and talented Jacob James came in and SLAYED the piano on songs he hardly knew - it was insane!)

(Eric Howk, guitar maestro & Gary Mula, engineer extraordinaire - two GEMS of humanity!)

(The guitar slayers, Eric Howk and Ragan Crowe - aka "Howk & Crowe" - admiring their small arsenal of guitars and gear)

(Columbia City Theater, our recording home all week. What a beaute!)

-- Earl


City of Seattle Outdoor Show - Thursday, July 19th! 

Get your bikini top and cutoffs on! Or maybe just throw some flip flops on with your business suit? It's going to be 80 degrees in Seattle this Thursday as my band and I rock City Hall at NOON O'CLOCK. 

Rally your co-workers! Grab a sack lunch! Put some sunblock on! As for our part, we'll be playing a bunch of jams off Burn the Boats as well a boatload of the new songs we're about to start recording (next week)! 

This will be the last full-band Seattle show until September! DON'T MISS IT! 

Thursday, July 19th @ 12PM *sharp* - City Hall Plaza, Downtown Seattle


See you there! 

-- Earl

Early Mornin' Radio Visit to Jet City Stream

Dear lord, 9AM is too early for me to be awake, much less singing live on the radio. But I rallied, dragged myself out of bed, and husked my way through some tunes for the lovely folks over at Seattle's new Jet City Stream. Here's some video footage of my mangled, tangled, and bedraggled morning self playing a new song called "Grown Up Things." 


-- Earl

My Last Nighttime Show for a Couple of Months - TOMORROW! 

Tomorrow night - Thursday, June 14th - I'll play MY LAST NIGHTTIME SHOW FOR A COUPLE OF MONTHS (takin' a break to make a record!) with two FANTASTIC artists at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard. My pal Mark Pickerel will start the show around 9PM with some skilled solo jams, then I'll play a set with full band (we'll be debuting NEW SONGS!!!), and the fabulous Amy Lavere (out of Memphis) will close out the night with her mad stand-up-bass skills. Here's a little taste of what she's about: 


Hope to see you!

-- Earl

Live on Jet City Stream Tomorrow (6/12) @ 9AM! 

Seattle has a new internet-only radio station called Jet City Stream, which was started by a few of our city's most well-known music taste-makers (eg. Shawn Stewart, Marco Collins, and Heidi May!). I'm excited to join them live in the studio BRIGHT AND EARLY Tuesday morning (June 12th) to play a few solo acoustic jams. Tune in, wherever you are!