Best New Seattle Music in City Arts Mag

In my opinion, Seattle is one of the best places to make music IN THE WORLD. There's an abundance of talented musicians to collaborate with, endless opportunities to play shows and get your music heard, and most importantly; a MASSIVELY active listening audience who go and buy and share all this great music. I can't imagine a better place to live and work as an artist! Because of that, there are a LOT of bands here - and a lot of good ones at that - so I feel incredibly honored to have been voted one of Seattle's best new artists in this month's City Arts Magazine. Check out the full "Seattle Music Now" list of artists or read Mark Baumgarten's fantastic write-up on my musical journey. Thanks to everyone who voted! 

-- Earl

Birthday Bliss

THANK YOU, everyone, for coming out to my show at the Triple Door this week and for making my Leap Year birthday so incredibly special. There was a lot of love in that room and it made for one of the best parties of all time. I'm so grateful! 




It may seem exotic and sexy to be a Leap Year baby (I'm drawing this conclusion from people's over-the-top responses throughout the years when I've told them I was born on a February 29th), but let me tell you, it's no picnic. Most of my life I've had no actual birthDAY, no chance to be pampered and spoiled, no Facebook acknowledgement that it's MY special day and I matter most. Now here I am again, 4 long years since my last birthday and my sense of self is waning, my confidence is in the gutter, and I NEED A PARTY.  So, a party we shall have! 

IT'S MY PRE-LEAP DAY BIRTHDAY PARTY: Tuesday, Feb. 28th - 7:30 PM

The Triple Door
Shelby Earl (and band!)
Hannalee -
Gabriel Mintz - 
and more pals to be announced! 
Tickets: $12 advance, $15 DOS

Triple Door Ticketing:

RSVP here at the Facebook Invite

-- Earl


Happy New Year! 

It's 2012 people! And just like all of you, I'm shaking off my holiday stupor and getting back to WORK. I've got a boatload of new songs in process, which I hope to share with you very soon by a variety of ways and means, and there are shows and tour plans in the works as well. Do stay tuned for news of all of the above! 

I hope your holidays were lovely.

This year is going to be a good one!


A Holiday Tune For Your Earholes: "This Christmas Is For Us"


My pals and I got together last week to record a new Christmas tune I wrote called "This Christmas Is For Us". The stellar Gabriel Mintz recorded and mixed it, and it features Faustine Hudson (drums), Barb Hunter (cello), Ben Obee (bass) and Mike, Anna-Lisa and Fidelia of "Hannalee" (vocals/elec guitar). The song had an exclusive premier on today RIGHT HERE! If you're interested in buying the tune for your very own holiday enjoyment, GO HERE


Hope each and every one of your holidays are full of love and joy!